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SNEAK PEEK: The Happiest Lives Podcast

April 08, 2023 Season 2023 Episode 0
The Happiest Lives Podcast
SNEAK PEEK: The Happiest Lives Podcast
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Join me, Jill Lillard, on a journey to transform your life and relationships through The Happiest Lives Podcast.  New episodes are released every Friday. 

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Couples Therapist with the world-renowned Gottman Institute, and Certified Life Coach, I  have spent over two decades helping people navigate relationships and emotions.  My faith and relationship with Jesus is center to all my work. 

If you're new to The Happiest Lives, it's my coaching business designed exclusively for Christian wives seeking to find greater fulfillment in their marriages and experience deeper love. If you want to honor the Lord in all you do, abiding in his joy and peace as you navigate life and relationships, then you're in the right place.

Throughout the podcast, you'll encounter five fundamental concepts that underpin all the work we do:

Focus on the Controllable:  Shift your energy away from trying to change others and channel it into becoming the woman you aspire to be. By doing so, you'll enhance your relationships and embrace greater enjoyment.

Embrace Emotional Awareness:  Learn how to handle emotions effectively to prevent conversations from derailing. Gain insights into managing triggered emotions, allowing you to respond productively and create space for others.

Prioritize God at the Center: Recognize that your husband can't fill the void only God can occupy. When you prioritize God at the center of your life, everything else falls into place.

Take Action Amid Unwanted Emotions: Discover the power of aligning your actions with your beliefs and values, even when negative emotions arise. By tapping into what's most important to you, you can honor your commitments consistently.

Turn Toward Each Other: Foster stronger connections with your partner by facing challenges together. Transform from a "ME" mentality to a united "WE," building trust and intimacy.

I'll also introduce you to a powerful process called The Heart Scan, which helps you delve deep into your intellect, emotions, and will to bring about lasting change. As you explore intriguing perspectives on your relationships and inner world, you'll have the opportunity to apply what you learn through my coaching programs.

In The Happiest Lives Academy, our most intensive coaching program, you'll experience five life-transforming shifts in five months as you learn to Organize You Life from the Inside Out, Leverage Your Emotions, Make Powerful Decisions, Create Calm Conversations, and Break Strongholds.

Clarity+Courage, my cost-effective coaching program, offers ongoing access to new concepts, live coaching, and workshops. You can join or cancel anytime, making it an ideal fit for your needs.

Additionally, the Relationship Reinvention program, offered annually for couples, provides self-study materials and interventions to strengthen your bond as a couple, all within a supportive group setting.

Explore my array of self-study courses, including "The Happy Marriage Mindset," "Connection Cure," and "The 6-Week Marriage Makeover," which also offers the option for six weeks of coaching support.

Not sure where to start? Try my FREE mini-courses: "The 4 Things You Must Do To Become The Happiest Wife" or "Living In Confidence No Matter

Take this work and apply it in my cost-effective coaching group Clarity+Courage, where you will get live coaching, application tools, workshops, lessons, Scripture studies, and other tools that help you apply the concepts so you can create change. When you join, you get access to a whole vault of classes, tools, and coaching calls.

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Jill Lillard:

Hey Its Jill Lillard here. I am excited to annouce that on May 5th The Happiest Lives Podcast will air its first episode and after that every Friday, a new episode is going to release. Lets consider this to be a sneak peek into what you can expect inside this podcast. If you aren't familiar with my coaching business, The Happiest Lives, you should know it was designed for Christian wives who want to stop being disappointed in their marriages and start feeling more loved and loving. If at the end of they day, you want to say you are having more fun in your life and relationships and appreciate yourself more , then you are going to enjoy spending time together. There are 5 concepts interwoven through all the work I do. The first concept is to focus on what you can control instead of what you can't. It's easy to put a lot of our energy into what we think someone else needs to change in the relationship, and yet this is so exhausting. If you do this you will waste a lot of our energy because you can't change other people. But when you investing your energy becoming the woman we want to be, you will start enjoying your relationships better. I also tell my clients that to have better relationships, you have to learn how to feel. This is why conversations go south. Emotions get triggered when we have a thougth about someone elses words. Has your spouse ever said words adn you struggled to process them, because you felt so emotioanl? Suddenly you aren't only being asked to respond to their words in a productive and helpful way, you are having to respond to your own emotions. I have found that how we respond to your own feelings is how we take on someone elses feelings. When someone else expresses emotions, we may resist, avoid or become reactive. Learning to become more self aware and intentional emotionally, and being willing to feel anything without resistign or indulging will help you find more confidence in your ability to have calm conversations, turn toward and create space for others. A third concept that is interwoven throughout my work is the reminder that your husband was not meant to fill the place that only God can fill. The Lord wants to be center of our lives, he wants to be the one thing and when we have our heart priorities in order and He is the center of our adoration, everything else is going to fall in place. Another concept I think is really important is being able to take action despite unwanted emotions. There are going to be times in life, where you want to honor our highest values but we have so much negative emotions. Actions must follow our beliefs and commitments or we will never create change. Being willing and tapping into your hearts greatest desires will help you show up day after day in a way that honors your values even when you don't feel like it. Lastly, I always encourage my clients to have the goal of turning toward their partner rather than away. When we make bids to connect and face our problems together we become a WE instead of a ME. This may not always feel safe but I help clients establish boundaries first in their minds that will help them gather more information and decide how they can strengthen their bonds in away that feels lifegiving. Change starts in our intellect, emotions and will. While our actions are incrediabley important, to discover what changes are needed we must go to the heart. And so that's why I also give my clients a process, I call doing a Heart Scan, where we learn how to expose, renew, and engage and press on. On this podcasat, you will discover interesting ways to look at your relationships and inner world. And as you do, I think it's really important to be able to apply what you are learning. That's what I do inside my coaching programs. I give you application sheets and opportunites for live coaching. To create application sheets, I imagine you sitting in my therapy office with me or that I am coaching you on a zoom call. What would I ask you? I go to the result and reverse engineer it by asking you questions that are going to help you identify the changes needed to get the result you are wanting in your relationship. This includes you actions, feelings and thoughts. This is the process of growth. Outside of my podcast I have several programs that help you do this work. My most intensive coaching program The Happiest Lives Academy is offered one time a year. Here you get everything you need to get 5 transformations in 5 months. You will learn how to create change by looking at your thoughts, leverage your emotions, make powerful decisions, have calm conversations and break strongholds. You will be amazed at the support you get in this program. I also have another coaching program, Clarity+Courage, which I call my cost effective coaching program. The work is onging and you can join anytime you can cancel any time. Each month a new concept is unlocked with application questions and live coaching and workshops. I also have the relationship reinvention which I offer one time a year. This is a program that I offer for couples. and its here by popular request. I do a lot of work with couples, privately, but this is the first time I've created a program where I work with couples in a group setting. A component of the program is self study work and interventions that you can do at home as a couple. I also offer offer other self study courses including, The Happy Marriage Mindset , Connection Cure, and The 6 Week Marriage Makeover, which does have an optional opportunity to participate in six weeks of coaching or you can just go through the program on your own. Plus, if you want to try any of those out a FREE mini course there is The 4 Things You Must Do To Become The Happiest Wife or Living In Confidence No Matter What. I am looking forward to teaching you all the things that I have gleaned in my nearly 25 years of being a therapist and doing couples therapy. I want to bring all of this together in a way that is going to be interesting, exciting and applicable to your life. I can't wait to talk with you more. Make sure you add my podcast to ones you follow and that you join me the first Friday in May for our very first episode. Talk to you soon!