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The Happiest Lives Podcast

Jill M. Lillard

The Happiest Lives  was designed for Christian women who want to stop being disappointed in their relationships and feel more loved and loving.  Here you will learn to think better, feel better, and love better. 

This podcast is hosted by Jill M. Lillard, MA LPC, a licensed counselor, and Gottman Certified Couples Therapist.  Jill has been helping people manage their minds, process their feelings, and have better relationships for over 25 years.  

For application exercises and support in applying the concepts learned on the podcasts, you can access growth tools + Live Coaching inside her cost-effective coaching program: Clarity+Courage.  Join and cancel anytime. 

For more intensive support, check out Jill's signature coaching program, The Happiest Lives Academy, where you receive all you need to make FIVE transformations in FIVE months. Registration opens once a year.   

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